The Aluminum City Telethon (ACT) has supported our community since 1979 with the Annual ACT Telethon, which has granted thousands of dollars to support local organizations and programs.

The Kitimat Community Foundation was officially formed on January 19, 2011, when we moved the Aluminum City Telethon Society to become a Community Foundation.

We have expanded our abilities to support our community by moving to a Community Foundation AND we are also able to access matching trust funds of $50,000.00 from Northern Development Initiative Trust for our foundation.

The Annual Aluminum City Telethon (ACT) continues each year in October as the main fundraising source for the Kitimat Community Foundation, which enables continued support of immediate needs in the community while building long-term stability funds for the future.

The foundation of my community starts with you and me…


Aluminum City Telethon: 778-631-2021


Past telethons

The Annual Aluminum City Telethon has been active for over forty years.